2017 Conference Volunteers:

  • Program Committee: Judy Mullins, Sarah Peters
  • Finance and Fundraising Committee: Carol Spradling
  • Registrar: Diana Linville, Crystal Ward
  • Webmasters: Sarah Withee, Crystal Ward
  • Printing Coordinators: Sarah Withee, Judy Mullins
  • Accommodation Coordinator: Sarah Peters
  • Social Media Coordinator: Kirsten Markley
  • Poster Contest: Meilani Conley
  • Career Fair Coordinator: Carol Spradling
  • Lightning Talks and Graduate Research Presentations: Julia Wilkerson
  • Networking Event: Julieann Freeman
  • Graphic Design: Elicia Reuscher, Paige Varney


Main committee members:

  • Judy Mullins (University of Missouri–Kansas City)
  • Sarah Peters (CivicPlus)
  • Carol Spradling (Northwest Missouri State University)
  • Abbey Trotta (FireMon)
  • Crystal Ward (Northwest Missouri State University)
  • Sarah Withee (Stowers Institute for Medical Research)
MINK WIC Organizers

Front row: Abbey Trotta, Sarah Peters. Back row: Judy Mullins, Carol Spradling, Sarah Withee, Crystal Ward.

Front Row: Carol Spradling, Judy Mullins Back Row: Sarah Peters, Crystal Ward, Sarah Withee, Abbey Trotta