Here’s what some of our attendees had to say about our 2015 conference

The most meaningful experience of the Celebration for me was the key note speakers. Both of the key note speakers were very inspiring and informational about issues that I have personally been struggling with.

The program organizers did an excellent job bringing this conference together and making it a success. The speakers, sessions, and networking opportunities were a wonderful experience for my students and myself. Thank you for the time and effort spent over the past year planning this conference, you will never truly know the impact you had on my students.

Here’s what some of our attendees had to say about our 2013 conference

The conference in general was wonderful. But, more specifically the poster session. I was able to present a poster during the session and I’m so glad I did. I have never felt so beautiful as I did when presenting. Getting to talk to other women who were genuinely interested in the content I had to offer was an overwhelming feeling. It gave me the confidence and assurance that pursuing IT was the correct choice and will lead to a fulfilling career. So thank you MINK WIC.

The keynote speakers were very good, and I enjoyed the posters and lightning talks. I think allowing students the opportunity to present their work is wonderful. The food was excellent. It was also incredibly cool that hotel rooms were paid for. That made the conference very affordable, and I was very grateful that the sponsors made that possible.

The highlight for me was meeting all those influential speakers, and to hear them talk about things that I could relate to or tools that I could start using to make me more successful in life.

Collaborating with other students and professional staff at the round tables in the audience during lunch and key note speakers. The two professors at my table asked valuable questions that caused us to think personally about each of our futures in information technology. My desire has awakened and I am enthusiastic about it. I cannot wait to get into the loop!