Keynote Speakers

Duy-Loan Le

Unleashing your Potential: Innovation & Life

Duy-Loan Le


A conversation with Duy-Loan Le, an immigrant who came to America to preserve her freedom with no money and unable to speak the language.   She will share her view on innovation and how it helps to unleash her own potentials to become the first and only woman at Texas Instrumentss 85 year-history to get elected  Senior Fellow, the highest rank on the technology side.  Duy-Loan will discuss the many obstacles along the way and the important things in life to pay attention to as one advances career



Duy-Loan Le is a highly accomplished Semi-Conductor Industry Expert and Technology Consultant gifted in global technology definition and development. Most recently, as a Senior Fellow of Texas Instruments (TI), she directed product & technology development & qualification with world-wide engineering teams, led all aspects of product launch execution & high-volume manufacturing, and worked with foundries, partners, and suppliers to support TI’s global business & technical needs. In 2008, Mrs. Le helped to establish businesses in Vietnam and worked with local universities to update teaching curricula, create laboratories, and implement an annual national design contest to nurture future engineers. She holds 24 patents.


In 2002, Mrs. Le became the first Asian-American and the only woman in the company history to be named a TI Senior Fellow, the highest elected technical title. She began her career with TI as a memory design engineer at the age of 19 and was responsible for bringing up the multi-billion-dollar memory product line, with joint venture partners in five countries and three continents for the first time in TI’s history. One of the Digital Signal Processor (DSP) products under her development leadership was recognized in the 2004 Guinness World Records while two of the DSP products under her operational management generated >$2B.


Throughout her career, Mrs. Le has received several prestigious awards, including Pink’s Top 15 Women in Business, Women on the Move, Women of Vision: Leadership, Women In Technology International Hall of Fame (WITI), National Technologist Of The Year, Times People, Science Spectrum Trailblazer, Asian American Engineer of The Year, Outstanding Young Engineering Graduate Award, Outstanding Young Texas Exe Award from the University of Texas, Whos Who in the World, Vietnamese and American National Gala’s (VANG) Golden Torch Award for Exemplary Citizenship, United States Congressional Recognition for Civic Leadership, California Senate Recognition for Outstanding Civic Leadership, Texas State Recognition for Leadership, and Houston’s Leader.


She chairs the Compensation Committee for the Board of Directors at National Instruments Inc. and previously served on its Nomination & Governance Committee. Duy-Loan chairs the Technology Committee for the Board of Directors at eSilicon Corporation. Mrs. Le is recognized by the National Association of Corporate Directors as a NACD Board Leadership Fellow. Her extensive community service around the world is focused on education and Science-Technology-Engineering-Math (STEM).


Duy-Loan Le is a Registered Professional Engineer and holds an MBA from Bauer College of Business, University of Houston and a BSEE from the Cockrell College of Engineering, University of Texas.

Alicia M. Dwyer Cianciolo

From the Sandhills of Nebraska to the Sand Dunes of Mars,
Anything Can Happen If You Let It.

Sometimes unleashing our personal potential means getting out of our own way to overcome fears of the the unknown and summon the courage to take risks.


Having just had my 20 year high school reunion, I wonder what my reaction might have been if someone back then would have told me that by now I’d be working at NASA for 15 years, have participated in almost every mission to the planet in the past decade, and be planning to send people to Mars. What’s more, that I would be married with four children and one of them wants to go. For a shy kid from Nebraska, for whom just getting the nerve to make a phone call resulted in long bouts of procrastination, this path was not exactly planned.


The presentation will summarize my not-so-straight journey from growing up in the Sandhills of Nebraska to landing rovers in the sand dunes of Mars.  It will highlight specific instances of finding opportunity in unlikely places, daring mighty things, and attempting to make the impossible possible.


Anything can happen if you let it.


Ms. Cianciolo is an aerospace engineer at the NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, VA.  For the past 15 years she has been using computer simulations to design spacecraft trajectories at Mars.  She has participated in six successful orbiter and rover missions at Mars and is currently working to analyze atmosphere data from the MAVEN spacecraft and is a member of the Entry, Descent and Landing team for the InSIGHT lander scheduled to launch in March of 2016. In addition to robotic missions at Mars, she also evaluates entry technologies and designs the trajectories that may take humans to the surface of Mars in the 2030’s.  She has a bachelor’s degree in Physics from Creighton University and a master’s in Mechanical Engineering from The George Washington University. Thanks to Internet, she is able to work from her home near St. Joseph, Missouri where she lives with her husband and their four children.