Tech Talks

Amber Beerends, Cerner Corporation

I Don’t Know. I’ll Figure It Out!


AmberBreerendsOn any given day, a software engineer will likely encounter at least one problem for which they dont know the solution. This can be unnerving and contribute to imposter syndrome especially if you are surrounded by people who seem to know everything all the time! I will share how I have learned to take on big and small challenges in working in a field where there is always something unexpected to investigate and something new to learn.


Amber Beerends is a Lead Architect at Cerner Corporation.  She leads an edge development team based in Victoria, BC while working remotely from her home in central Iowa.  Amber graduated from Northwest Missouri State University in 2000 with a degree in Computer Science.  She has worked at Cerner for most of the last 15 years having experience in a plethora of Java based technologies.  Ambers interest in Imposter Syndrome is one of personal self-discovery.  When not chauffeuring her kids to various activities she enjoys running and biking.



Lynn Miskell, NetApp

Confidence and Creativity in a Tech Career

LynnMiskellIn this presentation, you will learn how confidence and creativity work together to make great things happen, and how to tap into both as you build your career in computer technology. Creative thinking can help solve business problems, or develop new ideas for innovative products. Discover things about your own confidence and creativity, and how other women have applied them in their careers.


Lynn Miskell is a software development manager at NetApp. Leading organizations worldwide count on NetApp for software, systems and services to manage and store their data. During her career, Lynn has worked as a developer, project manager and people manager on a variety of systems and in a variety of organizations, ranging from manufacturing systems at an aircraft company, to distributed Point-Of-Sales systems at a global pizza company to her current role at data storage company, NetApp.


Lynn is a member of the Wichita chapter of Women Who Code, and enjoys working with teachers and students to facilitate and promote computer programming in grades K-12. NetApps Volunteer Time Off program enables Lynn to participate in a STEM program with the Girl Scouts, which recently won an award as part of the STEM2020 initiative STEM2020 Award
Partner Spotlight



Jennifer Pumphrey and Heather Williams, American Century Investments

Digital & IT, a Partnership


Like most companies, there are many different teams responsible for the care and feeding of the American Century Investments web properties. The more disconnected these teams are, the more the client experience suffers. Take a journey with us as we share how weve strengthened our partnershipand a few mistakes we made along the way tooand come away with lessons that you can apply in any organization.


Jennifer PumphreyJennifer Pumphrey is Digital Channel Solutions Manager for American Century Investments. She has over 20 years’ experience in digital marketing, interaction design and user experience. Jennifer and team are responsible for digital product management, testing and optimization of web and mobile sites, and social media strategy and execution. She is a member of the American Century Investments Speakers Bureau, delivering financial literacy education to kids and young adults in our community. Jennifer holds a BA from Rockhurst University and an MBA with an MIS emphasis from the University of Missouri, Kansas City.



Heather Williams

Heather Williams is an Information Technology Manager for American Century Investments, a premier investment manager headquartered in Kansas City, Mo. Heather manages a team of 13 developers responsible for all of the companies external facing websites that service their direct, intermediary, institutional, and international clients. Prior to becoming a manager Heather was a Programmer/Analyst-Specialist with the company and served as a team lead, project manager, and developer on various teams within the Information Technology department. She graduated from University of Missouri – Columbia in 1996 and worked for a software consulting company prior to joining the firm in 1998.

Katherine Schoenborn, Commerce Bank

Unleashing your Leadership Potential

Katherine Schoenborn

Does getting into a leadership position interest you? Do you have what it takes? Come learn about different leadership career paths available in the technology field and see if unleashing your leadership potential is right for you.


Although Katherine took computer science courses in college for her BS in Math and a minor in English, it was not her initial interest. However, when her career started at Alltel she found herself learning to be a COBOL programmer. During her time at Alltel she worked on VB applications and started developing in Java. In 2001 she moved to Commerce as a VB Programmer for our Branch Connections team. While at Commerce she has had the opportunity to play many roles including, developer, technical writer, business analyst, project manager, and project lead. In 2013, after 15+ years of being in software development, Katherine was encouraged to take on a new opportunity and enter leadership. She never doubted her ability to lead a team, but wanted to be able to juggle her life outside of work and the demands of being an effective leader. Her greatest strengths includes building meaningful relationships with the people she works with, the ability to crossover technical barriers, and the ability to weigh and consider multiple perspectives. Her focus as a leader is to be available, ensure accountability, create a results driven yet rewarding environment, and develop a collaborative, innovative and consistent team.

Courtlan Howard, Useagility

UX in the Real World

Courtlan Howard

The “real world” of making technology is much more than writing lines of code. It’s about creating software, web and mobile applications that are useful and engaging to the people that use them. User experience design is a growing field that is key to the success of technology. It’s a place where the tech world and creative world intersect. Courtlan will share her personal journey in the technology space which led her to user experience, an area of technology that is well-suited for so many women. This is a great introduction to UX, and for those who are interested Courtlan will share recommendations for fields of study that can start you on the path to a career in UX, and will suggest ideas for how to start getting experience right now with school-based and community-based learning opportunities.


Courtlan Howard is an Experience Director at Useagility, a user experience consulting firm dedicated to making technology products easier to use. Courtlan uses a variety of research methods to articulate the user experience strategy and collaborates with designers to bring the product to life for the client.


Courtlan developed a passion for user experience during her career as a Business Analyst, leading scoping activities for software development initiatives in a variety of organizations, from Fortune 500 to start-ups. She started in the Computer Science discipline, earning a Masters of Computer Science from the University of Kansas. Courtlan is now a Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) through the IIBA and a member of the local UXPA organization, UXPA Kansas City.