Accommodations for Students and Faculty

Hyatt Place Kansas City/Lenexa City Center

All students and faculty who elect a hotel room with their registration will be given a shared room at the Hyatt Place Kansas City (the same location as the conference). This brand new hotel features free wifi, free parking, and spacious rooms.

The hotel is located at:

8741 Ryckert Street
Lenexa, KS 66219

Driving Directions:

How do I get a hotel room?

If you are a student or faculty member you may elect during the registration processed to be placed in one of our hotel rooms. This helps keep costs low for you as your room fee is included in your registration. However, you will be asked to share a room with other conference attendees.

What are the hotel rooms like?

The rooms are modern and spacious. Each room comes with a sleeper sofa. Students will be placed in rooms with 2 double beds and sleeper sofa. Faculty will be placed in a King room with one sleeper sofa.

What if I do not want to share a room?

If you do not wish to share a room, please elect, “I do not need a hotel room” during registration. You will be required to book and pay for your own room.

How many people will be placed in a room?

5 Students will be placed in one room (2 double beds and 1 sleeper sofa). Faculty will be placed 2 to a room (1 king bed and 1 sleeper sofa).

How do I get assigned roommate(s)?

You may list one other person during registration with whom you want to room. To increase the likelihood that you will both be roommates the other person must also list you as well. If no roommate is listed, or your roommate is already spoken for, roommates will be assigned in the following manner:

  • If there are other students from your school in the same grade, you will be placed together, else:
  • If there are students of the same grade from other schools, you will be placed together, else:
  • Students across grades and schools will be placed together.

Faculty will be assigned two to a room based on gender and if possible, the same school.

Note: Please be prepared to room with people you may not know. This is a great opportunity to make new friends and lasting memories. You never know, your roommate could be that one person years down the road that helps you land a dream job.

Can I room with my faculty sponsor?

No, students and faculty will not be placed in rooms together.

May I switch rooms if I do not like my roommates?

No, for liability reasons the hotel must know who is staying in each room. Please do not switch rooms.

Why can’t I pick up my room key with registration?

Registration for the conference starts earlier in the day than the hotel can give us room keys . The hotel needs time to clean and prepare the rooms before we can check in. Room key pick up will occur separately from registration and will be noted in the program.

I am an industry professional, may I stay at the Hyatt?

You will be responsible for booking and paying for your own room. The Hyatt has a very limited number of available rooms, you will want to call early.