Tech Talks

Jeanne Johnson, Microsoft Corporation

The genetic link between finger length and brain function: How hands indicate capabilities

There is a neuroscientific link between the way our hands are formed in utero and the way our brains function. By recognizing these important hand configurations, you can modify your approach with peers and employees for better outcomes.

Outcomes:  This fun and informative session uses humor, technology, and science to call attention to a little-known correlation in the human body.  By using this knowledge you can create better functioning teams, modify your approach for more collaborative experience based on this information, and derive greater satisfaction when trying to solve interpersonal issues.

Technology Focus: Building stronger teams, retaining talent

Jeanne Johnson is a Business Development Director in the world-wide Strategy and Planning team of the One Commercial Partner organization at Microsoft.  With a lifetime of experience in the technology industry, Jeanne focuses on the co-creation of profitable practice business models with those companies interested in rapid transformation by partnering with Microsoft. Prior to joining Microsoft, Jeanne started up, rapidly grew, and profitably sold several technology companies in the United States. Specializing in systems integration, mobile application design and build, and re-architecting and optimizing legacy systems in the large enterprise; Johnson’s companies were known for the early adoption of disruptive technologies and the nontraditional partnering with her competitors to build greater success.

Jeanne lives on the beach in Washington State and has recently been recognized for her work in tsunami preparedness.  She is the proud mother of 3 adult children, rides a Harley Davidson, and enjoys cooking, gardening, and creating art.